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How I got into the Alexander Technique

It is almost 10 years already I have been familiar with this incredible Technique. IT helped me to cope with life in a very subtle and conscious way which I would be always grateful for.

Thanks to the possibility of doing my professional Contemporary dance education in the prestigious San Martin Theater in Buenos Aires, I dived into a real journey of different Techniques related and not related to dance , but surely in contact with the body, senses, movement, creativity, performance, composition and consciousness.

There, is where I started to actually notice my real self and have a clear feedback of `me as an individual who dances, feels and expresses ... `. Where I started to listen, to be in contact with something more than just moving and to be with the others , share or observe their own process.

Some of the moments I will always treasure happened at Movement Analysis classes, leaded by Cecilia Elias. Beautiful teacher and revealing human being, full of qualities which I admire, who became later on a very important guide to me. She introduced me to the Alexander Technique.

As a favor or determination she was offering in her classes a lot of valuable information which I tried to absorb. Thanks to Ceci and her generosity I received inputs to be curious and be busy with, and a lot of them came actually from how she worked with herself.

She was applying a lot of Alexander Technique, but I didn’t realize it, until I got to know the Technique. It was amazing because it helped me to put many structures of myself into question and to find out very interesting things to keep working on.In her class there was a lot of time to observe but also moments to be more pragmatic and achieve whatever was needed or wanted.

My experience with the first Alexander Technique lesson was absolutely revealing. It immediately caught me. The gentleness of Ceci’s hand accompanying me in the process of sensing myself felt like completeness.

This beautiful process connected me as well with my lovely friend Kevin Litvin. Both of us got to know each other in San Martin Theater and were already working as assistants , but at that stage he had already started the intense journey of becoming an Alexander Teacher.

To learn from Kevin’s experience and to be able to share it the three of us together, was the start of this amazing journey.


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