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How I got into Dance.

I just want to give a little close up of my own path , how I started to become a dancer and feel movement as the motor of all what is around me.

As a child my nature was to be in movement , active, full of energy.

I grow up in contact with the farm of my family, in Argentina. There I had the opportunity to be in relation with earth, fields ,landscapes , animals, trees. This gave me the freedom to grow and expand. I could run freely. Climb trees. Make my own experiments, for example with scrap and left overs from old machines. I could smell flowers , go to the mountain, search for stone treasures , notice how important was the fire and the water mill, and get a notion of cycles.

Earth cycles, animals cycles, plants and fruits cycles. There was a time to sow the earth, a time to wait for it to grow and another one to reap the harvest. A time to cut the grass, to run and catch chickens and another to shear the sheep. As well a time to collect the oranges from the trees and to eat from our own products, to see a little horse birth and another time to say goodbye to a dog.

All about that joy, space and knowledge I got it being in contact with all of that.

But I had also a life in the town, where I went to school , met my friends, and do all sort of social activities. And for example there I met Adita. She was my neighbor. I used to meet her almost everyday after her `siesta´ at 17 o’clock. Ada Pellicer, `Adita´, is a wonderful pianist. She played the most beautiful music. I could listen her playing some Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and dance for hours in her living room.When I returned home I made up my shows ,hangs things here and there as scenography, play some cassettes and jump in sofas . My mother notice I had lots of joy moving into music and therefore she decided to bring me to dance lessons.

This is how I met Mabel my first dance teacher in `Paloma Ballet´ studio. Through many sort of plays and elements we learnt Ballet in a very joyful and easy way. I felt so committed into dancing , that I went very early to the studio, and Mabel had to play some music and let me improvise for a while before the class started. That was sometimes very funny I must say. I liked to Perform!

I enjoyed the space she offered and felt so happy there. With Paloma Ballet was a beautiful journey of around 12 years together. In the middle of those years I arrived to Taller Cultural from Rosario Caro who introduced me into Contemporary dance, and I felt in love with it.

It became the journey I would follow later on.

So this is how I started and I encourage everyone to follow dreams, yes you who is reading this, believe that the only way to do something you want, is to do it! Don’t wait any longer, give value and dedication to what you want.

Sow it like a seed and make it grow in yourself.


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