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María Gabriela Luque



2020/22 Solist dancer in Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany. Artistic Director: Gregor Zöllig.

2016/20 Dancer in Theater Lüneburg, Germany. Artistic Director Olaf Schmidt.

2015/16 Dancer in Cinevox Junior Company, Switzerland. Artistic Director Malou Fenaroli Leclerc.

Choreographers Franz Brodmann, Olaf Schmidt, Felix Duméril, Ihsan Rustem. Touring 1 year Switzerland, Germany, France, Liechtenstein.

2015 Assistant of the National Contemporary Ballet, San Martin Theatre, Buenos Aires in “Hasta siempre” from Analia Gonzalez.

2015 Performer for the Artist Marina de Caro. Visual Arts-MAAM-Contemporary Museum of ARTS. 

2013/15 Dancer & Assistant in “CEM” Company in Movement: Artistic Director Analia Gonzalez.

2013 Actress in short film called “Portrait” by Juana Hodari.

2012 Dancer in Proyecto Dos Company. Artistic Director: Alejandro Ibarra. 

2011 Dancer in Julio Bocca, Ballet Argentino. Artistic Director: Ricky Pashkus.


2018 Alexander Technik Education - 3 years - Walter Tschaikowski Hamburg, Germany

2012/15 Contemporary Education, San Martin Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artistic Director: Norma Binaghi. 

+ Assistant in San Martin school for Miguel Elias at Laban Technique , Cecilia Elias at Movement Analysis and Sofia Balvé in Choreographic Composition. 

2012 Bachelor in Choreographic Composition, National University of Arts (UNA)- Buenos Aires.

2011 Julio Bocca ́s School , full scholarship. 

2010 Contemporary Technik Qualification, National University of Arts, Tucumán, Argentina.  Taller Cultural.  Tutor: Rosario Caro Checa, Escalante, Marta Diez.

2010 Ballet Teacher Qualification Tutor: Liliana Biagini, Salta, Argentina.

Ballet Teacher qualification. Tutor : Mabel Bernacki. Around 12 years Education in Paloma Ballet Studio, Rosario de la Frontera, Salta.



2020 “Under the Bark”. Dance and Music video with the organist Daniel Stickan and the filmmaker Tom Wedekind. 

2019 “Miss Savage” Duet inspired in Huxley’s “Brave New World”, together with Emelie Wolter. 

2019 "Synesthesia" Performatic Project with the organist Daniel Stickan in Michaelis Kirche for the "Orgelsommer 2019" with music of Phillip Glass, Olivier Messiaen and Peteris Vasks.

2018 “Konzert und Tanz Performance- Die Baustelle”, with the cellist Stefanie Schmoeckel, and the dancers :German Farias ,Pau Perez Pique ,Claudia Rietschel in Museum Lüneburg.

2018 “Construct-Deconstruct-Construct”. Project with the organist Daniel Stickan at the famous Michaelis Kirche for its 600 years old anniversary “Orgelsommer 2018”.

2018 “Everything Fits- Wo bin Ich?” - New chapter of the Triology composed in the format of Young Choreographers for Theater Lüneburg.

“Schwarm von Drosseln” piece created with Black-Out Tanztheater group.

2017 “StadtRaumKlang”. Project with the Luneburger Symphoniker in collaboration with Leuphana University. Dirigent: Thomas Dorsch. 

2017 “Everything Fits” duet with Wout Geers –Triology composed in the format of Young Choreographers for Theater Lüneburg.

“Let me free” duet created with Anibal dos Santos in the format of Young Choreographers for Theater Lüneburg.

2016 “Despojos” Duet created with Maximiliano Navarro, winner of the price "Choreographers" in Rojas University- Buenos Aires ,Argentina. 


2016/20  BLACK-OUT TANZTHEATER. Concious movement exploration for group of Seniors dancers at Theater Lüneburg. 

2018/20 Ballet and Contemporary dance Teacher at Ballettschüle Wojtasik, Lüneburg ,Germany.

2015 Contemporary dance in Filomena’s Studio, Schaffhausen Switzerland.


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