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My Work

As Performer I am inspired in body language and its infinit possibilities. As someone who is interested  

in creation, moves me the matter of trying. One thing after the other, one thing before the other, two

things simultaneously, any of the two things, three things together.  Nothing or everything at once.

There are plenty of choices to make and decide.  And the result will be the one we try and the one we give 

a chance. In colors and textures the combination of different materials, I noticed that what moves me

strongly is the fact of revealing things while doing them.


Creation by Gabriela Luque with Daniel Stickan for the Orgelsommer 2019

Music: Philip Glass, Olivier Messiaen, Peter Vasks Where: Michaelis Kirche

PH: Johannes Roeßler - Hans-Jürgen Wege


Creation by Gabriela Luque with Pau Perez Pique, German Farías, Claudia Rietschel

Music:  Stefanie Schmöckel (Cello)

Where: Museum Lüneburg

PH: Johannes Roeßler


Created by Gabriela Luque

Inspired in the dystopie of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

Performers: Emelie Wolter - Gabriela Luque


Where: Theater Lüneburg

PH: Johannes Roeßler


Creation for the Lüneburg Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with Leuphana University.

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven + own compositions from Composers of Hannover University.

Conductor: Thomas Dorsch

Performer: Gabriela Luque

PH: Katinka Tabor


Dance-Music-Video composition by Gabriela Luque, Daniel Stickan and Tom Wedekind

Music: Stickan

Where: In the forests of Heiligenthal, Germany


Creation by Gabriela Luque with Daniel Stickan for the Orgelsommer 2018
Interactive performance for the 600 year anniversary of the Michaelis Kirche
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Philip Glass, Robert Schumann, Daniel Stickan.

PH: Johannes Roeßler


Creation by Maximiliano Navarro and Gabriela Luque winner of the Price "Choreographers" for Rojas-UBA University

Music: Nicolas Villamil

Where: Cultural Centre Rojas.



Created by Gabriela Luque

Performers: Sara Altherr - Pau Perez Piqué

Inspired in the life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


Where: Theater Lüneburg


Created by Gabriela Luque with Hilke Bultmann               Actress: Beate Weidenhammer.

Performers: Pau Pérez Piqué - Claudia Rietschel - Gabriela Luque      

Where: Museum Lüneburg


Created by Gabriela Luque with Wout Geers

Trilogy of a relationship.                        

 Where: Theater Lüneburg  

KvT_2018_(c)_t_w_AndreasTamme (132).JPG

Created by Gabriela Luque for the Black Out Tanz Theater group.          

Child: Laurenz Voss / Arne Wechel

Where: Theater Lüneburg


Created by Gabriela Luque with Anibal Dos Santos.       

Where: Theater Lüneburg

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